The human community is exploding and imploding at the same time. What we know about the world outside of ourselves, and inside of ourselves, grows exponentially every day.      But the part of the human community that knows this knowledge grows daily further away from the vast unknowing majority of the human community whose daily labors produces the wealth that sustains the whole community.

But there is no “whole community”.

Humanity was cradled in community. Then it exploded out over the face of the earth, diversifying into innumerable communities that, discovering the roundness of the globe, now converge implosively upon each other in the global market.        But the global market is not a community. It is an arena within which the diverse communities of humanity encounter each other with both brotherhood and fratricide.

Science, the machine of worldly knowledge, forms its own community.      But in their hubris, the community of science eschews the questions community responds to: how to live a life and die a death that both have meaning.

Religion responds to these questions.      But, being vane and jealous, religion fractures the human community into competing orthodoxies.

Along the shore of the unfathomable sea, an old man walks along the beach, mulling all this over, playing with the rippling waters with his bare feet, watching for the waves that might sweep in, waiting for the final turning of the tide. He holds in his hand a bauble, a toy, an intricate new device that can serve an old purpose. Put a note in a bottle. Cast it into the sea. Wait for an answer.



One Response to “But”

  1. michaeljdt Says:


    It’s nice to see you offering these reflections publicly again. You have the time and temperament to think these things through and I am grateful you are sharing.

    For me, there is another layer to waiting for the answer and the “but” – the layer where love and providence have their place. The universe is unfolding as it should and while we have the opportunity to reflect on what we think we see of it, my experience tells me that we actually have very little to do with how it will turn out. The big picture of my journey is one of acceptance of how it actually is – the real world – and a trust that it will turn out as its supposed to!

    I believe that at the generative core of the universe is a loving creative force that we can trust.

    I love you,


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