Meandering across the digital divide I

Earlier this month, I made a comment on Highly Allocthonous and followed up by posting here the scanned photos below. Subsequently, I removed the photos and am now returning to the project.

Textbook illustration,

As is usual for me, I am writing from a title, not knowing exactly where it’s going, but with some confidence that it is going somewhere. Meandering, in a way. But then the sinuous movement of flowing fluids themselves are the consequence of not of complete disorder nor of a form imposed on it externally, but rather seem to be an expression of some aspect of turbulent flow. Turbulent flow, of course, is in the domain of physics, somewhat to their chagrin. I have been happy to leave the subject there in my teaching of introductory geology.

The digital divide is not so simple either. I have encountered it within the faculty of my college, certainly within the classroom, in my doctor’s office, anytime one does some kind of literature search. I wondered when I made the comment if the image that I was familiar with was, in fact, across the divide from the author of the post, who gives every impression of being diligent, competent and energetic in her pursuit of science. From the response, I tentatively conclude that was indeed the case.

The digital divide is multidimensional, and I will do some more meandering around it. Perhaps there is a basin along it somewhere. I didn’t know that there is a basin in the Continental Divide until I was driving through Wyoming on day. Singing a Sara Carter song, actually.

“Go a-railroading on the Great Divide

Nothin’ around me but Rockies and sky..”

For now I will leave you with a favorite photo of a meandering stream from a 1979 Sierra Club calendar (by Steve Manning).

Alamere Falls, prior to 1979

Alamere Falls, Pt. Reyes, California.




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